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Optlcai liiuslons

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(all four triangles are exactly the same size)

straightened out:
trafficpizza towerAkropolis
Heavy Traffic LightPizza TowerAkropolis

classic optical illusions

even better illusions?

While it's still around,
have a look at this!
literally mind-blowing
Can You Believe Your Eyes?

strips with optical illusions

still more illusions



You seem to like optical illusions!
Check this out

M.C. Escher's Relativity in Virtual Reality


far out...
Japanese optical illusions

more optical illusions than your eyes could hope to stand:

The Psychology of Visual Illusion by J.O. Robinson
Emphasis on geometrical optical illusions such as framing and contrast effects, distortion of angles. Some 240 drawings: geometrical optical illusions, figural after-effects, illusions in the perception of depth.

Visual Illusions by Mathew Luckiesh
The classic:First published in 1922, this introduction is still the best for laymen, describing virtually every type of visual illusion known to man—color, nature, depth, distance.
The Nature of Visual Illusion by Mark Fineman
Fascinating, profusely illustrated study of psychology and physiology of human visual perception vision. Kinetic art, how we perceive size, how our eyes move, phantoms of the visual system and many other aspects. Amazon.usa
Visual Illusions Coloring Book by Spyros Horemis
Popping squares, receding circles, and other illusions. Unbelievable when colored! 32 designs. Amazon.usa
Triad Optical Illusions by Harry Turner
This is real fun. Learn how to design your own optical illusions.
Op Art Coloring Book by Jean Larcher
Color these 30 designs to make the interlocking rings, cubes, and other shapes stand out. Some visual illusions will even seem to move back and forth.

Motion with Moiré Screens by Craig Cassin
Create an infinite number of fascinating patterns with startling, wavelike effects. Copyright-free material ideal for use in print, film and computer applications. 60 patterns.
Optical Designs in Motion with Moire Overlays by Carol Belanger Grafton
Moire effects from 81 optical-art patterns and four acetate overlays. By placing screens over the patterns, you get an infinite number of effects. Amazon.usa


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